Extra Benefits

Here are the extra benefits you will get with this training program 

Program Benefits: 
  • 6 month Robot Maker subscription to Kronnika.io
  • Robot Maker Compliance Certificate
  • Robot Maker Contract with Kronnika
  • 500 Kronnika credits to be used to try and promote robots put into the Robot Marketplace
  • To be enlisted as a freelancing Robot Maker in Kronnika Ecosystem which enables you to offer quotes for customers in Kronnika Ecosystem for announced projects.

Alper Akkın

Kronnika / Software developer, Train
Born in İstanbul, Turkey in 1979. graduated from Yıldız Technical University Electric-Electronics Engineering in 2004. Worked on ERP, Ongoing Improvement, IoT and RPA. Continues to work as a lead trainer and developer in Kronnika since 2019.

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