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    Self paced

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    20 hours 20 days

KRONNIKA Robotic Process Automation Training Program

Kronnika Robotic Process Automation Training Program provides all basic skills and knowledge from A to Z regarding Robotic Process Automation on Kronnika's authentic licence free RPA development platform. Consisting of three main courses at once, the program introduces the basic concepts, requirements, sector related facts and knowledge in the first step. Secondly, the skill set you will need to work as a business analyst in RPA is delivered with practical documentation on how to analyze business processes and prepare Process Development Documents to be guiding the developers in the implementation of RPA projects. In the last part, you will be introduced all the relevant libraries, platform elements, their know-how and skills required to operate as a Robot Maker or developer on the Kronnika.io platform.
Extra Benefits

Here are the extra benefits you will get with this training program 

Program Benefits: 
  • 6 month Robot Maker subscription to Kronnika.io
  • Robot Maker Compliance Certificate
  • Robot Maker Contract with Kronnika
  • 500 Kronnika credits to be used to try and promote robots put into the Robot Marketplace
  • To be enlisted as a freelancing Robot Maker in Kronnika Ecosystem which enables you to offer quotes for customers in Kronnika Ecosystem for announced projects.

Alper Akkın

Kronnika / Software developer, Train
Born in İstanbul, Turkey in 1979. graduated from Yıldız Technical University Electric-Electronics Engineering in 2004. Worked on ERP, Ongoing Improvement, IoT and RPA. Continues to work as a lead trainer and developer in Kronnika since 2019.